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hate_for_janitors aka KIM & CHRISTINE's Journal
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Monday, June 20th, 2005
2:42 pm
i miss janitor runners


a) bruce is dead. ( in the eustace janitor world )
b) janitor-running has diminished. the new fetish has become mrpowell-running.
c) we must resurrect it hxc but its summer.

here's some fanmail i just got recently...for starters.

Dear Janitorrunners,

I miss you insanely much. There's nothing better than the joy of escaping the clutches of bruce. Please come back, my mom misses you.


my reply:

well marcus, i'd love to say that we were coming back fo'sho, but it is sad to admit we will not be returning any time soon. but feel free to run around in the basement of trinity as much as you like.

<3 me

well folks, thats just one of our desperate fans....if you are one of them and would like to KIT, phone us at 1800SUCKIT.


Current Mood: melancholy
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
9:13 pm
tears on new year's sunset

even though i hate to say it,

i miss the janitors.

i miss the stair well.

most of all, i miss the exercise we got....running.

i think im bringing play doh monday. and la camera.

we'll have some funnnn times.

plus we'll lose a couple pounds.

hopefully i can update for real on monday....and we'll have an experience.


"lets hope 2005 brings even more successful janitor running"


( my quote for the new year )


happy new years fellow janitor runners<#


Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
8:16 pm
ok wanna hear a good story.

maybe not as good as kims story but close.

the other day, our heater vents all started raining.
which was a little odd
i guess.
so our janitors basically had to stay up the whole night to clean it up.

that was just background information, real story right here.

the next morning all the janitors were outside of my world art history class.
and they were pushing each other around
and giggling.
and i laughed.
they were either drunk, high, or stupid.
maybe all three.

good story jasmine.
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
8:03 pm
This is a tale of the Notorious Brucey.



Once upon a time i was sitting at a table in the lovely library of the lovely school of bishop eustace with some people. I was sitting in one chair, and the chair next to me was empty; my fellow table sitters were on the other side. So, along comes Bruce Willis with the thing that lifts him up, aka Lifty Thing, and a huge ass light, along with other janitorial equipment. Hes like shoving along, and I, knowing he will smile at me, refuse to make eye contact so I put my head down as he came by. Of course, he could not make a quiet entry. He totally hits my chair, and then completely knocks over the chair accompanying my side. I still refused to look up. So he went about his business, and this chair was still knocked over. Then he came back and picked it up and I still had my head down. I got out of that terrible situation, and that fiasco was over. Woo for running from the ugly gross eustace janitorial staff and being very, very successful.

hope you enjoyed my tale. love always and forever,



Friday, December 17th, 2004
9:13 pm
Hey! I'm Marge, aka Kim... welcome to the community of your dreams. If you enjoy annoying people, making authority figures mad at you, and blocking girls with long hair, you're definitely welcome here. My friend Midge and I would like to make sure that you are trinity basement material, however. So we would like to ask you for a little bit about yourself before you join. Just the basics, name, age, reason for joining our humble abode....maybe a picture. However, you can only join if we find you to be cool enough. So, feel free to discuss your hatred of janitors, your love of squirrels, or even the happiness you get from sitting on stairwells eating your lunch. Enjoy.

Current Mood: amazing
8:33 pm

Janitors are definitely not my favorite things in the world.

Just in case you don't see my side of this,

Let me give you a little insight into janitors

From Kim and Christine's eyes:

In every bunch of janitors, you'll find certain "classifications" of them.


Now say there's a group of...oh...let's say 5 janitors.

You won't get far before you identify the "mean one"

This "mean one", as we call him, is...as you can tell...well...mean.

Always trying to kick you out of "where you don't belong".

Spends most of his time doing paper work.

Except he's a janitor.

What kind paper work could they possibly have?

This guy's the definitely leader of the pack.

Next, you'll find "Bruce Willis".

Yah, know...the creepy one.

Always looking at you when you go by,

Gives you creepy smiles,

insists on talking to you.

Well that's him, enough said.

Then comes the "Amigo".

This is the alumni kid who just can't leave.

He has so much god damn school spirit that he insists on coming back...

...working as a janitor.

After the "Amigo" comes the "Nice One".

As most of you can see, this "Nice One" contrasts greatly with the "Mean One."

He's the the old guy.

Never talks and doesn't kick you out.

This certain classification can usually be found cleaing out unused toilets.

Yepp, that's him. The nicest out of the whole group.

Last but not least comes "Butch".

This guy is priceless.

He's foreign for all you people who didn't know that.

He's almost as nice as the "Nice One",

And he jokes around when you try to run and hide.

And that just about describes them all!

So just in case you were un-informed on janitors,

Well, now you're IN-FORMED.

P.S. - ALWAYS run from janitors. You never know which one it will be.
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